New standards of representation

BRAZ LINE company introduces new standards of representation in construction retail.

The leader of the Ukrainian market of the production of aluminum profile products, construction tools and decor - the company BRAZ LINE expands the range of its products. The company is constantly in progress. A new stage of development has become the introduction of new standards of representation in the construction retail sector - in the network of hypermarkets “Epicenter K” and “Novaya Liniya”.

Nowadays the department of construction hypermarkets "Floor coverings. Tile" is branded by BRAZ LINE as the leader in this field and is represented by a wide range of accompanying products. Also in the department "Floor coverings. Tile" in each hypermarket" Epicenter K "and " Novaya Liniya " there is a sales consultant of BRAZ LINE, who is ready to help customers and answer on any their questions.

BRAZ LINE moves on, the specialists of the company daily engrain actual solutions for quick and easy customer’s choice of products from aluminum profiles, construction tools and decor in the network of building hypermarkets.


Brovarsky aluminum smelter breaks record

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Official notification: Alumeta is not affiliated with BRAZ Trade

BRAZ Trade is not part of the Alumeta. The press service of the holding informs. Alumeta Holding warns its customers of any undesirable effects that may arise from engaging with BRAZ Trade and / or those acting on its behalf and calls for any negotiations...


Brovary Aluminium plant (BRAZ) is a powerful Ukrainian innovative enterprise with closed cycle of Aluminium manufacturing.
Braz Construction is an engineering company that develops integrated and high-tech solutions for facade, door, window systems, interior partitions for office and living spaces of different complexity and configuration.
Braz Line is a leader in Ukrainian market in design, production and distribution of Aluminum profiles, construction tools, decor and other products for any needs.
ACORE Development Group is a construction company with a full cycle of services from proposal preparation and execution of all necessary permits to construction and commissioning of the finished objects.