Floor sections by Braz Line

Watch the new video. Floor sections and shapes are used to fix and protect the floor joints, seams and edges from spalls and other defects. Aluminum sections are believed to be environmentally friendly and easy in use. Braz Line thresholds are highly esthetic, most safe and durable. We make shapes of different sizes and textures to meet the most demanding customer requirements.


Members of the European Business Association came to BRAZ

Today, the members of the European Business Association came to visit us. Among the participants of the visit are top managers and owners of companies that are part of EBA. In turn, our tops - commercial director Marcin Gasyorsky and SEO Sergey Shapran conduc...

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

ALUMETA Group and the companies that are members of the holding wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! We wish you an easy and rich year, successful undertakings and constant development!...


Brovary Aluminium plant (BRAZ) is a powerful Ukrainian innovative enterprise with closed cycle of Aluminium manufacturing.
Braz Construction is an engineering company that develops integrated and high-tech solutions for facade, door, window systems, interior partitions for office and living spaces of different complexity and configuration.
Braz Line is a leader in Ukrainian market in design, production and distribution of Aluminum profiles, construction tools, decor and other products for any needs.
ACORE Development Group is a construction company with a full cycle of services from proposal preparation and execution of all necessary permits to construction and commissioning of the finished objects.
Braz Trade is the official representative company of BRAZ in the European market with a head office in Warsaw.