SEF-2016 Kyiv

October 11-12, in the capital took place the 8th International Forum and Exhibition of the Permanent Energy SEF-2016 KYIV. The main theme of the event was the renewable energy and energy efficiency in Ukraine and abroad. The speakers at the forum were more than 50 prominent experts, top managers and representatives of government agencies and international associations.

On the SEF-2016 KYIV Brovary Aluminum Plant representing commercial director Marcin Gonsorovsky. He spoke during the focus session "Industry Solar Energy - especially projects and further management in Ukraine." The topic of his presentation was the use of high-tech product of aluminum production in energy-efficient systems for the conversion of solar energy.

«It should be noted that after a long and successful negotiations, we have started to work productively in the field of solar systems. I can say that at the moment the plant already has about 1,000 tons of the product for such structures, "- said Marcin Gonsorovsky.

Commercial Director Brovary aluminum plant drew attention to the fact that aluminum is the best metal for energy-efficient systems, because this metal can be given any shape, it is durable, resistant to corrosion. Another important factor for renewable energy systems are environmentally friendly, inherent in aluminum - its production is one of the safest among metals, articles thereof may be infinitely recycled, and almost 75% of all products from aluminum ever created, are still used.

Marcin Gonsorovsky also noted that the product is Brovary aluminum plant has been used in the construction of the largest solar power plant in Belarus near the Bragin, which is an example of an alternative development of the Chernobyl-affected territories.


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