Cove Bases by Braz Line

Watch the new video. Cove bases (plinths) are installed along the base of an interior wall where the wall meets the floor concealing the cracks between them and decorating the room. Aluminum cove base...

Ukrainian export leaders

Brovary aluminum plant is in TOP 100 Ukrainian companies with export potential according to the magazine "Business". Sergey Shapran, Chairman of the Board of the ALUMETA GROUP, told journalists about ...

Solar power plant as an alternative to a deposit in the bank

Optimistic future of solar energy in Ukraine is predicted by the Chairman of the holding Alumeta Group Sergiy Shapran. The Brovary aluminum plant, which is part of Alumeta, supplies profiles for the c...

Angle shapes and finishing shapes by Braz Line

Watch the new video. Angle shapes are used for connecting any materials at a 90-degree angle to reinforce and to protect all vertical and horizontal outer corners of building facades, doorway and wind...

Energy-efficient metal

The journalists of the leading business edition Delo.UA visited the Brovary aluminium plant (BRAZ), which is a part of the ALUMETA Group. They talked with the owner of the company Sergey Shapran about...

Screed board for finishing works by Braz Line production

Watch the new video. Construction aluminum screed boards are needed to flatten surfaces – with their help masters leveling gypsum, lime, or cement plaster on the walls, as well as a concentrate mix on...


Brovary Aluminium plant (BRAZ) is a powerful Ukrainian innovative enterprise with closed cycle of Aluminium manufacturing.
Braz Construction is an engineering company that develops integrated and high-tech solutions for facade, door, window systems, interior partitions for office and living spaces of different complexity and configuration.
Braz Line is a leader in Ukrainian market in design, production and distribution of Aluminum profiles, construction tools, decor and other products for any needs.
ACORE Development Group is a construction company with a full cycle of services from proposal preparation and execution of all necessary permits to construction and commissioning of the finished objects.
Braz Trade is the official representative company of BRAZ in the European market with a head office in Warsaw.